A broad protection subunit vaccine for Fowl Cholera- BIOFRS FC GEL SUB 0.25

Fowl cholera (FC) is a highly contagious disease from Pasteurella multocida, it commonly affects the long living chicken producers due to the nature of the production system and the continuous contact with wild birds or soil. Therefore, the use of Fowl Cholera inactivated vaccine is a common practice to control the severity of the disease. However, as of now most of the vaccine users are not very satisfied with the results of the available vaccines in the market as inconsistency observed in which some cases may still have high mortality range from 8- 20% when challenge of Fowl Cholera occurred.  

BIOFORS FC GEL SUB 0.25 is an inactivated vaccine which contains two important components; (1) Inactivated Pasteurella multocida (serotype A:1) and (2) Recombinant PlpE antigen (Pasteurella lipoprotein E). The vaccine was produced by harvesting a pure amplified culture of Pasteurella multocida mixed with recombinant PlpE protein which is expressed by Escherichia coli from a separate medium. The combination of both components givesbetter protection rate compared to traditional FC bacterin and at the same time produces higher cross protection against different serotypes of P. Multocida