• BIO-L PP
  • Generic Name:

    BIO-L PP
  • General Description:

    BIO-L PP contains live Pigeon Pox Virus in lyophilized form. Pigeon Pox Virus was amplified in SPF embryonated chicken eggs and chorioallantoic membrane was harvested from egg and subsequently processed and lyophilized.


Composition per Dose:

Pigeon Pox Virus

Indication for Use:

Prevention of Pigeon Pox in pigeons.

Method of Vaccination:

Administer 1 dose to each pigeon at 4-6 weeks of age or older. Topical Application: reconstitute the vaccine with diluent. Remove 3-5 feathers from leg, wing or lower region of the back by pulling feathers off. Remove only 1 feather at a time to prevent injury to the skin. Apply the vaccine to the skin where feathers had been removed using a cotton swab dampened with the vaccine.

Storage Conditions:

Store in a dark place at 2-8°C. Do not freeze.


30Doses /Vial (with 1mL diluent), and 100Doses/Vial (with 3.33mL diluent)

Shelf Life:

2 years


·Follow the instructions from a veterinarian.

·Do not vaccinate sick pigeons.

·Suitable to vaccinate pigeons at 4 weeks old. Administer a booster vaccination to each pigeon at 4 weeks prior to the arrival of mosquito season if vaccination was administered prior to 4 weeks old.  

·Observe for signs of nodular lesions on vaccinated pigeons at 5-10 days post-vaccination. Administer a second vaccination to pigeons with no nodular lesion developed.

·Reconstitute the vaccine with diluent. Use all vaccine shortly after reconstitution. Protect from sunlight.

   ·Do not save unused vaccine for later administration. Sterilize unused vaccine and vaccine containers by autoclaving before disposal.